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Post by: Dr Simeon Nwube on January 17, 2022, 03:04:02 PM
*The Relevance of Religion in the Digital Age*

Religion today has taken a much-institutionalized form. Its origin has always been debated and discussed today by various scholars. In sociological terms, ‘Religion is a system of sacred belief and practices both in the tangible and intangible form’. Religion can serve the dual role of ideology as well as institution. Today, religion has assumed a more narrow-minded approach. However, understanding religion in the broad sense highlights the following important points about it in society:

*Cultural Identity*
Religion plays a crucial role for a person in giving a cultural identity. Each religion has festivals, traditions, mythologies which form a part of the tangible and intangible heritage of the country. Thus, religion contributes in order to protect this heritage and also adds to the diversity in the country.

*Values and Ethics*
Religion helps in creating an ethical framework and also a regulator for values in day to day life. This particular approach helps in character building of a person. In other words, Religion acts as an agency of socialization. Thus, religion helps in building values like love, empathy, respect, and harmony.

*Spiritual Connect*
People are always on the quest of fulfilling the economic and material pursuits in today’s world. It is the religion which plays a crucial role in establishing our connection to the divine and developing the belief that there is a supreme energy that acts as a regulator in our day to day lives. Thus, the components of prayer, chants, hymns, etc. creates the spiritual bond.

*The Idea of Welfare*
Each and every religion promotes its philosophy and the crux of it has always been the welfare and wellness of the people. For example, in Christianity, there is the idea of communal living being practised by the Apostles in the early church which many Christian denominations are still practising till today. And it is a life style that sees all members as one  family. This life style aims to achieve a condition where every member is happy  which nurtures and cultivates love and compassion in the society.
*Religious practice in the Digital Age*
Today through ICT, the world has been made to a village. Information can be transmitted and be assessed just within a twinkle of an eye. Religious belief and teachings can be disseminated to any part of the world with ease. One can as well join and interact with religious members at will no matter the distance apart as the computer age we are has overcome the gap.

Religious Scholars and  Religious leaders are therefore called to make use of the digital age to make their teaching reach all parts of the world. This clarion call is more concerned to Christians as it would be a way of fulfilling the injunction of the Divine Master when he says: "Go to whole world and preach the gospel...."
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Post by: Chuks on January 17, 2022, 04:36:09 PM
Bravo, Dr. Nwube. This is good starting point. Keep it up!
More and more of posts, please.
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Post by: Dr Simeon Nwube on January 19, 2022, 09:52:49 AM
U are welcome brother.